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"There's pleasure in progress because your brain wants proof, not promises!" - Ebong Eka

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EKAnomics Academy: For Serious Entrepreneurs Only

EKAnomics Academy is a Five Week intensive Action Program that provides the proven steps for consultants, and small business owners how to find more clients, raise prices and handle & create a sales process that works.


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    Sought after keynote speaker

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    Tailored leadership & business programs for results

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    Certified Professional Coach with corporate & leadership experience

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    Will empower your sales, business, leaders & employees

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Reviews From Happy Clients

“Ebong has a natural gift for life coaching . He's patient, understanding and a great listener. He's truly adept at understanding how to tap into the positive cognitive triggers that counter fearful and negative thoughts so you reinforce positive thinking to be your best self. I would recommend Ebong to anyone who is interested in improving or enhancing some part of their personal and/or professional lives.”

Justin Harrison
Justin Harrison CEO of Vino Fest

"I want to let you know! The night I help you with your cox services changed my outlook on my customer services skills! I watch your videos and read your words as they come across my Facebook feed! Results? I have been awarded 2 Gold Standard awards since that night!

Thank you for your encouragement and kudos!"

Abbie Mallery
Abbie Mallery Cox Communications Customer Service

“A dynamic, relatable and innovative speaker, Ebong Eka has been inspiring the youth of Washington, DC for each of the last four years. With a wealth of diverse experiences, Eka engages and motivates his audience to live in the moment and make a difference. Additionally, he teaches them how to use social media as a powerful tool. He has been an incredible anchor of the Hugh O'Brian Youth Leadership program!”

David Levy
David Levy Leadership Seminar Chair, HOBY

“Ebong you are an amazing creative thinker. Your probing questions, insightful manner and ability to get to the heart of the matter is profound. You were able to provide me with clarity and confidence to move forward, regarding the decision I was faced with. Thank you for being the type of person who always reaches for the stars, and encourages others to go there with you”

Hannah Thomas
Hannah Thomas Founder, DiCon Consulting

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