Ebong Eka

CPA, Author

Small Business &

Leadership Expert

Certified Professional Coach

Ebong speaks and provides workshops / seminars on the following:


Effective Leadership Strategies


Corporate and Professional Development


Small Business and Entrepreneurship


Personal Development and Mindset


Economic and Social Empowerment


Strategies for Motivation

Hire One of the Top Business and Leadership Experts to Speak!

Meeting planners, Event Organizers, Corporate HR Executives

I’ve worked with enough meeting professionals and organizers to know that planning your conferences and events is a challenging task. From logistics to food and lodging, your goal is to ensure a seamless experience for attendees and employees.

The last thing you ever want to be concerned with is the quality of your speaker and their presentation. My quality of my presentations are an extension of my character and representation of my brand.

In addition to tailoring my speeches, workshops and seminars to your audience, my intention is to deliver an engaging, insightful and inspiring presentation in lined with agreed upon initiatives.

I use my experiences as a best selling author, entrepreneur, former professional basketball player and personal development thought leader to relate to the audience.
There are speakers and then there’s ME – I guarantee to inspire and motivate your attendees to learn, act and evolve.

Let’s get started today and make your event/training/conference one of the most memorable ones!


“Ebong you are an amazing creative thinker. Your probing questions, insightful manner and ability to get to the heart of the matter is profound. You were able to provide me with clarity and confidence to move forward, regarding the decision I was faced with. Thank you for being the type of person who always reaches for the stars, and encourages others to go there with you”

Dr. Hannah Thomas

Founder, DiCon Consulting

“A dynamic, relatable and innovative speaker, Ebong Eka has been inspiring the youth of Washington, DC for each of the last four years.  With a wealth of diverse experiences, Eka engages and motivates his audience to live in the moment and make a difference. Additionally, he teaches them how to use social media as a powerful tool.  He has been an incredible anchor of the Hugh O’Brian Youth Leadership program!”

David Levy

Leadership Seminar Chair, Hugh O'Brien Youth Leadership

“Ebong has a natural gift for life coaching . He’s patient, understanding and a great listener. He’s truly adept at understanding how to tap into the positive cognitive triggers that counter fearful and negative thoughts so you reinforce positive thinking to be your best self. I would recommend Ebong to anyone who is interested in improving or enhancing some part of their personal and/or professional lives.”

Justin Harrison

CEO, VinoFest

Ready To Grow Your Business?

In a recent TEDx speech, I shared the importance of being in control of your own economy. What does that mean? Being in control of your own economy means acquiring the knowledge to not only learn but to take action.
If you’re a HR executive, learning management specialist, meeting planner or responsible for training your employees, the right presentation can set the bar for greatness in your organization.
I guarantee to deliver a presentation that aligns your organization’s initiatives with those of the attendees in a manner that leads to action.

If you want to improve performance, teach new concepts, inspire and empower your employees and members – It’s imperative we work together! Let’s start planning your event so I can contribute to making it beyond memorable!

Pricing Sheet

 How to Raise your Prices and Get more clients in 6 weeks

Conference Keynote Speech

Ebong is a Dynamic Keynote speaker who’s messages and experiences are guaranteed to captivate any audience he presents to.
Range: $15,000 – $20,000 USD + Travel

Live Workshops

All Workshops are always tailored to the needs of the organization and based on solving the challenges discussed. Workshops are both interactive and educational.
Budget Range: $15,000 to $20,500 + Travel

Seminars and Panels

Ebong’s seminars are guaranteed to inspire and empower the audience. He constantly engages with attendees to ensure participation and action of content.Budget Range: $8,500 to $10,500 + Travel

Social Media Influencer

Ebong’s developed a vast social media tool kit and has led social media campaigns with many of the largest and well-known brands. A few examples include Periscope, Twitter, Facebook, Snapchat, Blogs.

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