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Ebong Eka Gives Dynamic Presentations

All Workshops are always tailored to the needs of the organization and based on solving the challenges discussed. Workshops are both interactive and educational. Ebong’s seminars are guaranteed to inspire and empower the audience. He constantly engages with attendees to ensure participation and action of content.

Ebong’s developed a vast social media tool kit and has led social media campaigns with many of the largest and well-known brands. A few examples include Periscope, Twitter, Facebook, Snapchat, Blogs.

Live Workshop & Interactive Training

Here's a summary of the some of Ebong Eka's most popular trainings.

  • Leadership Development for Employees, Managers and Leadership
  • How to Increase Your Sales: Sales Process and Strategies
  • Sales Funnels, Digital Marketing, Facebook Ads for Businesses
  • How to Find New Clients: Email & Digital Prospecting

Live Workshop & Interactive Training

Here's a summary of the some of Ebong Eka's most popular trainings.

  • Four Steps to Start Any Business: Small Business Strategies!
  • How to Raise Your Prices without Losing Customers!
  • The 10 Minute Motivator: How to Overcome Adversity & Achieve Monster Goals!
  • Improve Your Customer Service & Call Center Performance!

“A dynamic, relatable and innovative speaker, Ebong Eka has been inspiring the youth of Washington, DC for each of the last four years. With a wealth of diverse experiences, Eka engages and motivates his audience to live in the moment and make a difference. Additionally, he teaches them how to use social media as a powerful tool. He has been an incredible anchor of the Hugh O’Brian Youth Leadership program!”

Dave Levy
Dave Levy Hugh O'Brian Youth Leadership

"The 10 Minute Motivator's accessibility and utility are what chiefly separates it from the books it owes a debt to--Awaken the Giant Within and The Power of Positive Thinking...Unlike its forebears, it provides tactics you can easily implement to achieve success.

It proves to be an indispensable motivational guide - whether for organizations or individuals - just like others before it, only far more impactful."

Earl Pinto
Earl Pinto Founder of Clicked, LLC.

"Ebong does an incredible job of finding simple ways to tackle complex problems. Following some of his methods have been critical in helping me overcome adversity. "

Jonathan Webb
Jonathan Webb CEO, AppHarvest

"Ebong Eka has the rare ability to speak life into my heart, produce educational content for my mind and the humility to direct me to other influencers whom he feels might also influence me.

Anything that Ebong creates is worth my time to digest and I am sure it will be worth yours as well!"

Wes Knight
Wes Knight Founder of Creating Space Movement, Podcaster, Former Professional Soccer Player

“Ebong has a natural gift for life coaching . He’s patient, understanding and a great listener. He’s truly adept at understanding how to tap into the positive cognitive triggers that counter fearful and negative thoughts so you reinforce positive thinking to be your best self. I would recommend Ebong to anyone who is interested in improving or enhancing some part of their personal and/or professional lives.”

Hannah Thomas
Hannah Thomas DiCon Consulting, LLC

"Ebong Eka stands out as a leader and true professional. He is passionate about his clients success and works diligently to get results. Ebong is one of the top leadership experts, business speaker and executive trainer.

I would highly recommend Ebong as an in-depth resource of experience and count on him to execute efficiently on training, leadership, employee empowerment & development. His enthusiasm towards providing value is second to none. "

Jeremie Warner
Jeremie Warner CEO, Rush Impact Marketing

"Ebong is the most influential motivator out there. He makes your mind think in a whole new way with simple changes. Ebong is changing lives on daily basis! "

Brandon Frey
Brandon Frey UPS Professional and Emerging Pilot

"Ebong is a true strategist, using his vast knowledge, extreme
intensity and focus, he can assist anyone using the systems and
what it takes to achieve the highest level of greatness for your business."

Lisa Marie Kennedy
Lisa Marie Kennedy Real Estate Consultant, Investor and Author

The Reason Why you must hire Ebong to Train Your Staff.....

In a recent TEDx speech, I shared the importance of being in control of your own economy. What does that mean? Being in control of your own economy means acquiring the knowledge to not only learn but to take action.

If you’re a HR executive, learning management specialist, meeting planner or responsible for training your employees, the right presentation can set the bar for greatness in your organization.
I guarantee to deliver a presentation that aligns your organization’s initiatives with those of the attendees in a manner that leads to action.

If you want to improve performance, teach new concepts, inspire and empower your employees and members – It’s imperative we work together! Let’s start planning your event so I can contribute to making it beyond memorable!