Corporate, Leadership & Employee Improvement Training System

Ebong Eka is a Certified Public Accountant, TEDx, conference and keynote speaker in the areas of leadership development, motivation, corporate training, business, and pricing strategies. He founded EKAnomics to help companies train, empower and improve employee performance as well as accelerate the leadership skills of managers!

Your life, career, and business are all connected and intersect. More importantly, there’s generally a gap between where you are today and where your potential in life is. If you want to improve your career, your business revenues, your employee’s productivity and empower your organization to achieve its goals, EKAnomics is the system for your company.

We provide seminars, workshops, training and sales meeting sessions for the following:

  1. Corporate Development and Education
  2. Employee Empowerment and Improvement
  3. Employee Development and Coaching
  4. Professional Education and E-Learning
  5. Executive Coaching and Leadership Training

Visit or call 571-249-3416 to discuss how we can guarantee improvement for your employees and company.


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