Let me start this blog of by saying, if you’re reading this for investment advice, this is not for you. I’ll tell you why. I believe the best investment in business you’ll ever make is on YOU. Yes, YOU!

I have seen tens of thousands of entrepreneurs walk into my programs and one do the biggest mistake many make is what I call ‘the I know it all syndrome’.

Even some of the biggest success stories in this world from pro athletes to successful businesspeople say they are still learning everyday. This is what makes greatness.

An investment in yourself is the only investment that will change your tomorrow, hence this actually being the hardest investment for anyone to make. We put ourselves at risk by investing in us.

Ask anyone around you “Have you ever bought a car?” and the response you will for sure get is “Yes, I have”.Think about it, we are quicker in investing in something like a car that actually holds no value overtime than investing in ourselves, which is the asset that creates the money to buy the car or 50 cars ones day.

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