How the top entrepreneurs reduce stress in business and stay present

One of the best ways to reduce stress in business and also a key to success is to know where you are going. Never loose focus on that. Once you know you are going to accomplish what you set out to accomplish, never let that vision out of your site.

Once you do that you need to step into it and become it. What I mean by this is I want you to start living as if that vision has already been accomplished. It is when you become what you already envision that you reduce stress in your business.

The secret here is the becoming of your vision, start living (or act as if) like it’s happened and make sure you are present to everything second before it.

You envision your goal or what you want to accomplish; become the person you need to be to achieve that goal (this is changing your state like you already have achieved it) and then let it go. Do not live in the future. Unfortunately, all living in the future does is bring anxiety.

Are you still with me? Keep reading…

Anxiety is when your plans don’t work out day-by-day or moment-by-moment the way you wanted them. And the secret here is they are not suppose to workout exactly how you want everyday. Its your end goal that is suppose to workout, not the day by day journey you are on to achieve that goal.

It’s the journey itself you are supposed to endue and love. If you keep thinking forward into the future this will not reduce stress in business, just increase it.

Now the future is not the only thing to look out for, BUT your past too. You see living in the past is just as stressful.

You may have once had an unsuccessful business or a partner has broken your heart or you may have messed up in your job once. It is those that let that past determine their future that increase stress for themselves because all they are thinking about is what happened before instead of focusing on the now!

That’s why with all business, the minute you know where you are going leave it there. Back to what I said before with the envision, become and live steps.

Be in the present and love the journey. It is when you are in the present you can really connect with your clients to such a degree that they feel you are really there. They feel you are really their solving their problems, adding benefit to them and loosing yourself in service.

This is the only way that end goal is going to be accomplished. You focusing on the right now. THIS is how you reduce stress in business and go out there achieving that initial vision you had.

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