Looking back at my life, by no stretch of the imagination was I brought up with wealth or a silver spoon in my mouth. In fact, there were times of great hardship and scarcity. No matter what I did, no matter whether I had two or three jobs, it always seemed as though I was putting in all this work, and not receiving the level of money I wanted.

As entrepreneurs this is one area you must overcome in order to achieve the success you want in your business. If you are finding a problem receiving money from clients there are one of two issues in the way.

a. You do not believe the service or product you are selling is truly worth what you are asking for

b. You do not believe YOU are worth that amount of money.


Getting customers is for your business is great but keeping your customers can grow your wealth. As sales guru Grant Cardone says, “Second money is always better than first!” That basically means it’s easier to sell more product and services to existing clients than to new clients.

Set up a sales system that follows up with your existing customers.


The marketplace is ruthless and competitive. There are people out there everyday trying to pass you. As a result, it’s important that you raise your level of skills. Your customers will thank you but more importantly, reward you with money!

Be proud about your hard work that has put you in the financial position you are in today!

Sounds crazy but wealth can be attained if you define what wealth is to you and focus intently on the path to get there. Everything I’ve accomplished came from extreme focus and following a plan. You can do it too. You need to set a plan for your life and career – pick up a copy of the 10 Minute Motivator!

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